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Please take this as your personal invitation into the dynasty that Ain’t Bluffin has built. He continues to be one of the most potent additions to herd sire battery we have ever witnessed and I promise you that we are as excited about this sire group as any that have ever walked the pastures in Madison, South Dakota. His progeny are proving to be a rare find in this business, they are cattle that will generate on both ends of the spectrum, from elite show heifers to high selling steers. The value we see in Ain’t Bluffin is the incredible set of females he is putting in our cowherd, however we decided to go back and see how many dollars the Ain’t Bluffin females have already generated for Vanhove Cattle Company, to this point they are averaging close to $15,000. Too often in this business is the legacy of a sire felt many years after their passing, when semen is too highly valued to be mass utilized. We believe Ain’t Bluffin will be one of the sires that people will be talking about for generations to come, we know we will be.




Sexed Female - Call for Availability


Owned with Dave Duello

Ain't Bluffin'

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