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Here For Good will be a sire that makes an impact. He was the talk of the town whilst on display in Oklahoma City and has been the topic of conversation in just about every phone call since his debut. We don’t know if there has ever been a more appropriate sire for the times, and we think that the added consistency he will breed with is what will etch his name among the legendary list of the business. His full brother was the Champion Prospect Steer at the 2022 National Western for Pratt and his mother, Shelby leads the donor pen. Here For Good is the result of a perfect storm at Vanhove Cattle Company. We have been fortunate that he went into production of high-quality semen so soon, and the feedback about semen quality has been extremely positive, just ask those at 605 Sires, it’s some of the best they have seen. We are using Here For Good very heavily in herd. We hope to be able to meet the demands but there is no promise at this point that he will be keep up to the strong demand.




Owned with Baylor Bonham

Here For Good

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