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Patron is the result of combining some of the most potent influences in the maternal beef business, he is emerging as a sire who is built for the ages. In person he is one of the most impressive specimens we have ever had the chance of being involved with. It starts at the ground with his impeccable feet, they are deep heeled, perfect clawed and the spread between his toes is ideal. Wide at his base with power that holds true through his entire body cavity, with all the shag and bone substance you could ask for. The pedigree of Patron is scattered with the best in the business, his paternal linage needs no introduction, and maternally stands one of the most exciting cows of our time, RJ Heartbreaker 422B. In the last five years this Broker x Angus/Harrietta cow has consistently raised as many high-dollar show steer and heifer prospects as any bovine in America. The set of Patron females that are in the replacement pen and those that are slated for the Dakota Classic will blow your mind, they are exactly what we strive to produce, and perfectly compliment what we have been working towards the past 2 decades. This is your warning, when you receive the sale book for the Dakota Classic or if you decide to come and visit us in Madison, you will be wishing you had utilized Patron in the breeding box this season.




Sexed Female - Call for Availability


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