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You wouldn’t believe how difficult of a decision it was when we drafted the mother of Spot On into the sale heifer pen before the 2020 edition of the Dakota Classic. She is a Jass On the Mark x Shelby making her a maternal sister to Here For Good, the Champion Prospect Steer at the 2022 NWSS for Pratt and several other sale pasture highlights over the years. It didn’t take long to make her mark when she arrived at her new home in Hope, Indiana for Danny Harker. Spot on is the first born out of his new super star donor female, we want to thank the Harker family for letting us purchase this stud back. This son of May We All gets us excited to be in the maternal beef business, we have not been around a bull prospect that has matured like Spot on, his growth pattern has been impressive, each day getting bolder, stouter and more explosive. The combination of his structural build, center body shape, head and neck construction and overall dimension are seldomly found. He entered the world with a modest 72 pound birthweight, and is backed by 3 generations of calving ease, the early word on the street is that they come easy and are exciting in their build, those that have them on the ground are ordering more.




Owned with Griswold Cattle

Spot On

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